Sandbox VR – Site Submission Form

Sandbox VR and SRS Real Estate Partners invites you
to submit a site for pop up in New York City.
Please see criteria below.

Location Characteristics:
Space: Flexible, +/- 10,000 SF
Up to code, ADA compliant
Minimal demolition required
Ceiling Heights: 10.5’ clear (as measured from lowest obstruction or bottom of sprinkler, if existing)
Column Placement: 24’ x 20’ clear apart
Electrical: 400 amp @ 120/208 is ideal, but 200 amp is acceptable.
HVAC: 1 ton cooling capacity at 250 sf is ideal, but 1 ton at 300 + may be acceptable.
Restrooms: Existing code compliant for our use.
Multi stall wherever possible.
Multi-level: Elevator required, escalator desired


Sandbox VR operates virtual reality (“VR”) centers throughout North America and Asia. At the new pop up, we will be opening a center with up to 6 rooms in which guests can experience VR choosing from an option of games. Each room fits a maximum of 7 people – 6 customers and 1 employee. This means our maximum load in our rooms is 42 at any given time.

All of our guests pre-book and pre-pay reservations online at, and are provided a scheduled, dedicated 40 minute session. During this time, our employees greet and guide our guests into the VR room, and stay with the guests for the entire session. We stagger our room start times by 20 minutes. This means, every 20 minutes, half of our rooms receive new guests. As a result, we have planned for a waiting lounge that can comfortably host approximately 12-18 people.

We will have a staff of 10-12 people at any given time to support our 6 rooms. In total, we could have as little as 16 people and up to 72 people in the store at peak hours.

All our reservations start on time. If a guest shows up late, their experience is shortened or rescheduled to allow us to maintain our reservations and limit any potential guest waiting time. Furthermore, since our reservations are pre-booked, on-time and because our VR experiences are inside the rooms, we are able to prevent people from congregating around our space or waiting areas.